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Culture & Approach

Pictured above: Young people and staff were asked to describe the Fair Futures culture.

Career Opportunities

Welcome to the Fair Futures Family!

At the Center, we believe that the secret sauce to Fair Futures’ success is not just about the “What” staff do, but the “HOW” we do it … that is:


Watch this video to see how young people describe their coach!

Watch this video to see how young people describe their coach!

The Approach

Young people help interview/screen Coaches and all Fair Futures staff are trained and supported in modeling the Fair Futures’ strength-based, trauma-informed, youth development approach.

This means we:

  • Build trusting relationships with young people, the adults in their lives, and each other
  • Are authentic in our interactions
  • Meet them where they, both emotionally and physically
  • Are non-judgmental and caring
  • Don’t bring our egos – it’s not about us!
  • Practice the 3Cs: Consistent, Creative, Celebrate
We are Consistent in reaching out to young people. We get Creative - when something doesn’t work, we try a new approach. We Celebrate young people every step of the way!
We get  Creative  - when something doesn’t work, we try a new approach.
We  Celebrate  young people every step of the way!
We are  Consistent  in reaching out to young people.
  • Are mindful of our language
  • Partner with young people and let them lead
  • Model strength-based behavior
  • Practice “Power listening” and ask “Powerful questions” - we don’t jump to providing a solution
  • Help young people Explore & Expose them to Opportunities & Options in line with their interests
  • Did we say celebrate them, every step of the way?!

we don't use terms like:

A young person is not a file to be opened/closed!
Working with young people is not a burden!
We let young people lead and meet them where they are!

We practice The 3Cs:

We are Consistent in reaching out to young people
We get Creative  - when something doesn’t work, we try a new approach
We Celebrate  young people every step of the way!

But it’s not just about how we make young people feel … it’s how we support and make each other feel, too!

The Center team supports over 500 Fair Futures staff across the NYC foster care and juvenile justice systems through a suite of virtual and in-person trainings, technical assistance, workshops, and learning communities. Our approach is the same as how we treat young people – we build relationships.

We listen.  We use strength-based language.  And … we celebrate each other!

As a result, a strong, collaborative community has been built systemwide where staff come together to share challenges, best practices, and network – we call it the “Fair Futures Family!”

In Their Own Words

Staff quotes from the Chapin Hall Evaluation on Fair Futures Implementation


“The Fair Futures model creates a very structured framework for us Coaches in terms of the layout and setting goals, obtainable goals, for youth in order to help them successfully be independent and transition into adulthood.”

[The Fair Futures Model] “gives the kids a voice now. It's not just showing them one road, but letting them know they have options… so they'll be able to choose what path they want to take.”

‘It often leads to young people feeling like, “This person cares about my dreams, my goals and, like, they want to help explore it with me. This is dope.”’

“The youth just get an actual person for once. And that person can follow them through some of the toughest periods of their lives or some of the happiest times of their lives."


"Very youth-driven"

"A family”



"Focused on relationship-building"

"A strong network"

“Fair Futures is forcing child welfare as a whole - child welfare youth development as a whole - to shift … toward genuine care and attention for the whole person.”


“The type of support, first of all, that [the Center] gives to staff, I think is absolutely amazing. I've never seen that before.”

“With Fair Futures, it's like – here's the manual, job descriptions, overview, training, the 1:1 technical assistance. Like anything and everything you need, they'll give it to you."

“I think it's like, kind of like a wand, full of resources … a very detailed wand to help staff and the kids pursue whatever they need to accomplish at that specific time.”

“We have so much support … I just feel like it's just... you almost can’t—you can't lose, you just can't lose.”