At the core of the Fair Futures model is a deep focus on helping young people achieve their goals and aspirations.  As early as the 9th grade, Coaches and Specialists help young people conduct career and post-secondary exploration and connect to and persist in best-fit schools, programs, and opportunities based on their interests, strengths, and dreams. 

While NYC has a rich landscape of quality high school, post-secondary, and workforce programs for young people, before One Degree came to NYC, there was no single place to search for all of these opportunities in one place. To address this challenge, Fair Futures brought One Degree to NYC with the support of the Foster Care Excellence Fund Foundations. 

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One Degree is a user-friendly, online resource directory and referral tool platform designed to help young people, caregivers, and professional staff find and access resources. Alluma, a nonprofit social technology organization working to transform the country’s safety net system, operates the One Degree platform.

One Degree contains 1,500+ high school, post-secondary, and workforce development opportunities for young people (and adults) in New York City.  It recently received funding to expand to another 4,000 resources by January 2022, which will make it NYC's one-stop shop to access virtually all social programs/services (e.g. healthcare, child-care, legal aid, etc.)!

Find education and employment opportunities with One Degree:

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Educational Opportunities:

  • High Schools (Career & Technical High Schools, Transfer High Schools, Young Adult Borough Centers)
  • High School Equivalency Programs with onsite career opportunities
  • CUNY Certificate Programs & Upskilling Training Programs
  • College Internships
  • College Preparatory & Success Programs
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Employment & Career Opportunities:

  • Internships
  • Job Readiness & Job Placement Programs
  • Sector-based Job Training Programs
  • Vocational Programs
  • Apprenticeships
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What is unique about the One Degree user experience?

The One Degree Dashboard keeps users organized
Save your favorite programs & referrals all in one place
Are you a coach or specialist looking for opportunities for someone else? Refer young people to programs easily while keeping track of your referrals
Search for opportunities and programs your way
Search by program type, schedule, eligibility requirements, certifications offered, target population, etc.
Search for specific programs within an organization, not just the organization itself
Results you can trust, reviews you can rely on
Users can verify the date the opportunity was last updated (and verified by One Degree)
User-experience reviews are encouraged!

Search by Text Message

Anyone can search for resources on One Degree by text message. 

Text 844-833-1334 with what you're looking for – a word or phrase, like "food stamps" or "shelter."

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